We are a tiny family winery focused on creating limited release fine wines. We want to share our story and build a community of people who enjoy what we are creating. People who are looking for an artisan wine crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail. Become a part of the Mersenne community today.

Tiny Winery.

Big Wines.


A Winery and a Love Story.

A Woman. A Man. A Winemaking Dream.

Mersenne founder and President Robin Youngdahl is a true wine lover. Her travels around the world have given her the opportunity to discover many great wines. She fell in love with the wines Mitch Rice was producing and later fell in love with the winemaker himself!

Winemaker Mitch Rice is passionate about the art and science of creating fine wines. His many years of experience as an artist and winemaker blend together to create bold and uniquely expressive wines.

The Wines

Classic Varietals from World Class Appellations.


All great wines start with the careful management of the vineyard. Winemaking begins long before the fruit is harvested. The process of guiding the vine to produce perfectly ripe fruit takes skill and dedication. We work closely with our growers and help guide each step throughout the year. We have been building relationships with experienced growers for over 20 years. Our focus is producing the finest grapes so that we can turn them into amazing wines.

Our Wines are Carefully Crafted from

the Finest Vineyards



Wine Clubs

Join one of our wine clubs and become a part of our story. We love our wine club members! You will love our wines and being a part of our passion for creating a community of people who enjoy the finest wines.

We help you select your favorite wines and deliver them to you each spring and fall.

Illustration by Michael Gray.

Harmony. Community. Prime.

We source prime fruit to produce wines of harmony and balance.

We share our wines with a community of people who love artisan wine.

Marin Mersenne

Our winery's name was inspired by the Renaissance French monk Marin Mersenne.

He was passionate about art and science and made bold advances in both areas.

He was one of the first to describe musical harmony.

He created a formula for finding prime numbers, and

he built a community of people passionate about discovery and learning.


Private Tastings with the Winemaker

We offer tastings by appointment only.  Taste and learn about our wines with the person who knows them best, winemaker Mitch Rice. Tastings are $20 per person. Complimentary tastings are included with each wine club membership. Click the link below to send us an email and schedule your private tasting.



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